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Testosterone is produced by both men and women bodies. It is mainly produced in testicles in men while in women it is primarily produced in the ovaries. It plays a vital role in puberty and fertility. Men are known to have higher levels of testosterone than women, and it affects a man's look and sexual development. This hormone is responsible for making men break their voices, become muscular, develop facial hair and it stimulates sperm production and sex drive. Testosterone is also the hormone responsible for making men manly, it fosters the creation of red blood cells, boosts mood, keeps bones healthy and improves thinking ability.

Testosterone levels at www.mantalityhealth.com are at peak at early adulthood and decrease typically as people age, especially for men aged thirty years and older.  When men reach fifty years and beyond, these levels can become too low and lead to unwanted effects that make some look for ways to increase their testosterone levels. These results are changes in sexual desire, depression or anxiety, reduced muscle mass, decreased energy, weight gain, and hair loss. Most men opt for us testosterone therapy to boost the testosterone level to feel more energetic and sexually functional. This is not an easy task because a man's overall health also affects his testosterone levels. An examination, a review of symptoms and the results of various blood tests are ways in which doctors diagnose low testosterone since levels can change on a daily basis.

Testosterone is also essential for women. Low testosterone in women is not problematic, but extremely high levels may lead to unwanted symptoms like irregular menstrual periods, infertility, deepened voice and development of facial and body hair.

The causes of low testosterone levels at mantalityhealth.com include some medical conditions and the use of some drugs. In men, the origins of low testosterone may be unknown, and many men have different causes of obesity. Low testosterone levels in some men may require therapy as a treatment option or medical treatment with supplements but at other times, weight loss is the best treatment, and it can be achieved through exercising. Testosterone can be delivered into the body through injections, gels, and tablet-shaped patches but some natural remedies may help too.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep can be used as a natural remedy to boost your testosterone levels. Sleeping for roughly seven to nine hours per night can enable you to function normally and lead a healthy life. Overweight middle-aged men who have diabetes are more likely to have low testosterone levels. Men with healthy weight have a lower risk of suffering from diabetes or low testosterone levels. Research also proves that shedding some weight can boost your testosterone and this can be achieved by exercising regularly and having a sensible diet. To know more ideas on how to treat cases of low testosterone, just check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/12/health-workplace-productivity-eating-nutrition-exercise_n_1752749.html.

Another way in which men with low testosterone level can restore their testosterone is by getting enough zinc. Research shows that zinc is necessary for regulating serum testosterone in men. Eating foods rich in zinc nutrients may help, and such foods include beans, nuts, and beef. Zinc is not the only nutrient you need because the human body is complex and requires a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to operate smoothly. You need to take low sugar as it decreases testosterone levels in the blood.

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